My Take on the Phenomenal Movie The Departed (2006)

Imagine how hard life is when you’re trying to be somebody. Learning for years in the academy. To be a COP. And when you got the reward – your dream job – they tell you to go to jail.

It’s undercover job.

Infiltrating an established mafia gang, you gotta convince the criminals that you are a criminal.

These are my favorite cast:

  1. Mark Wahlberg (Sergeant Sean Dignam – the cop)
  2. Jack Nicholson (Frank Costello – The Mafia Boss)
  3. Ray Winstone (Arnold French – Costello’s right hand)
  4. Leonardo Di Caprio (Billy Costigan – undercover cop “the rat in Costello’s gang”)
  5. Matt Damon (Colin Sullivan – a cop “the rat in the Massachusetts State Police”)

Of course all the cast in the movie are phenomenal on their respective part. Their acting are very very on point. But from the perspective of personality , that’s my ordered favourite.

In this movie, what I like the most is Billy Costigan and Sgt. Dignam, because their combined personality is like mine. Both are excellent worker, one guy is a little bit troubled mentally, one guy seems like an asshole.

Billy has unstable mental with an excellent brain. Dignam was super straightforward, manlike behavior, tell the truth on your face with a mouthy mouth.

I’m like that. The combination.

Impersonating Sgt. Dignam


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