Boring on this Pandemic? Join Us Rapping or Singing English Song Online Now!

Hello Indonesian brotha and sista! If you are one of those guys who likes to rap or sing English song but you don’t know where is the best place to express it. You SHOULD join English Song Only Room (ESOR).

1. What is ESOR?

ESOR or English Song Only Room is an online karaoke room where you can express or showcase your natural talent in rapping and singing English song. It is in the smartphone application named WeSing.

ESOR airs on the app from Wednesday to Saturday from 7pm – 10pm Jakarta time.

All genre are allowed. Especially Hip-hop, Jazz, and Pop.

In the room, we use English as our standard communication. So you can also improve your English speaking and have fun at the same time in ESOR.

2. The Host and the Team

First of all, my name is Aktsar Abdikar. I am the MC of ESOR and I use my nickname as Judah Chronicles.

I’m specializing in covering Eminem’s famous song. I plan to cover all Eminem’s famous song in the room.

And also, I would like to introduce my great teams, they are:

  1. Dimas a.k.a. Doctor D, as a co-host.
  2. Sita a.k.a. Mei, as a Technical Team
  3. Jessica a.k.a. Jerom as a co-host
  4. Yordan a.k.a. Yordan as a Marketing Team

3. How To Join?

You can follow these steps:

  1. You have to have smartphone to sing online on ESOR
  2. Download Wesing App in the Google Playstore. You can click the link here
  3. Enter the application
  4. On homepage, search a person name, Judah Chronicles, that is me. Click on the profile, and follow me
  5. Direct message (DM) me and I’m gonna share the room on 7pm Wed-Sat
  6. It’s free. Don’t worry.
WeSing - Sing Karaoke & Free Videoke Recorder - Apps on Google Play
wesing application (source: google playstore)

4. Interested? Leave Your Comments Below!

Thank you guys for reading this blog. Looking forward to listen to your performance.

If you have questions or any inputs. Leave your comment below.


10 Replies to “Boring on this Pandemic? Join Us Rapping or Singing English Song Online Now!”

    1. Nit,
      ESOR (English Song Only Room) is a karaoke room in Wesing App. It allows people who like English song to show or express their talent and also, for sure, have fun.
      Have you ever been there? May I know who you are?

        1. First, you should download the application named wesing on playstore. Enter the app, and search a person named Judah Chronicles, that is me. Follow him and direct message him.
          And I’m gonna share the party to join. Thanks Nat.

  1. Hi Judah..I just found out your real name is Abdikar. Soo Hii there Abdikar 😊😊.Hmm..well, I am actually quite new in WeSing App. I knew it at first from my husband who always sings incontrollably 😁kinda annoying actually…then I tried to install it, and explored and found this room ESOR. When I was here for the first time, I was amazed with how well the Host(which is u😋) in leading and creating positive vibe in this room. 1 point that makes this room stands out is actually we must sing english song🎶🎶. I have never found other room like this in WeSing so far. Another plus point of ESOR is that the crews are all creative young people, talented, broad-minded and know how to welcome others…that’s why I like to visit this room and sing 1-2 songs just to relax and chill after a long tiring day, channelling my hobby even with limited capability😊🤭keep up the great work, Judah n Team. Thank u for creating room that allows us not only singing but also practicing and improving other skills…

    Eva (SunOcean )
    Regular visitor😁😁😁

    1. Hi Eva,
      Welcome to ESOR lol
      That’s cool haha, your husband must be very passionate in singing.

      I thank you for taking your time to visit our room and read this article. Very appreciate your comment Eva.

      I’m glad that you can take the benefit. Please come anytime to ESOR.

    1. Hi Brenda, I’m Dimas also known as Doctor D.

      Sure thing! You can improve not only the vocabulary but also the grammar when you are speaking in the room.

      You can also improve your confidence because the visitors in ESOR are not only Indonesian. They came from all across the world: Phillipines, Saudi Arabia, Finland, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.

      So what are you waiting for? Let’s jump to the room and have fun as well as learning together ☺

    2. Hi Brenda!
      Yes, you will improve speaking and listening in ESOR because we all are speaking in English.
      Thank you for commenting and don’t forget to join us in ESOR.

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